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2019 U'reka Winners - Left to right: Kava Kraze (Crysta Spitzfaden & Co.), Solar Superheros (Krissy Truesdale), Composers Connect (Thomas Mueller), DZ Marketing (Valerie Diaz), not pictured TechSmart (Sameen Azad & Co.)

Committee's Choice Award

Margarita Perez Maza, Margaretes

People's Choice Award

Crysta Spitzfaden & Co.

Kava Kraze

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep here at Clark University! The 2019 U'reka Contest wrapped up on April 15th with impressive presentations by the students. Big congratulations to the winners of this year's contest and best of luck on your business ventures! 



Owner: Alex Furtada

U'reka Participant

Rude Gyal Skincare

Owner: Kayla Falconer

U'reka Participant

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 1.09.45 PM.png

U'reka Winner


Owner: Margarita Perez Maza

U'reka Participant

kava kraze1.PNG

Kava Kraze

Owner: Crysta Spitzfaden and Co.

U'reka Participant

U'reka Winner


PT Star Photography

Owner: Philip Tran

U'reka Participant

2+1 cookies.PNG

2.1 Cookies

Owner: Arik Avramovich


Dania Does Ceramics

Owner: Dania Simoun-Tkachenko

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Owner: Theo White

Sohail logo.PNG

Lassi Mania

Owner: Sohail Vakalia

Clark Community Thrift Store

Operator: I&E Program

back alley clothes.PNG

Back Alley Clothing

Owner: Alli Jutras​

U'reka Participant

the city plant2.PNG

The City Plant

Owner: Jillian Skulsky 


crafty stichling2.PNG

Crafty Stichling

Owner: Anika Wohlleben

U'reka Participant

karomatherapy logo4.PNG


Owner: Karabo Sekgororoane


Tree O'Life​

Owner: Ali Carroll

U'reka Participant

Dakini Dye Socks

Owner: Nicole Luka

composers connect.PNG

U'reka Winner

Composers Connect

Owner: Thomas Mueller

U'reka Participant

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 1.40.17 PM.png


Owner: Jose Castro

U'reka Participant

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.40.24 AM.png

Worcester Media

Owner: Krishna Raj Naithani

U'reka Participant

yens photo.PNG

Yen's Photography

Owner: Yenifer Cabreja

U'reka Participant

copped logo.PNG


Owner: Bo Liu​



U'reka Winner

Tech Smart

Owner: Sameen Azad & Co.

solar blueprint.PNG

U'reka Winner

Solar Blueprint

Owner: Krissy Truesdal​e

U'reka Participant

spirital haze2.jpeg


Owner: Mahek Deora

U'reka Participant

U'reka Winner

Valerie Diaz Marketing

Owner: Valerie Diaz 

U'reka Participant

Healthy clark.PNG

Healthy Clark

Owner: Andrey Samodaev

Tim sells.PNG

Tim Sells

Owner: Tim Hally

Desi Dharka.PNG

Desi Dharka

Owner: Asher Ashraf 

Kelsey's Creations

Owner: Kelsey Whelan

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