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for providing additional funding and venture growth assistance for Ureka Challenge 2021!

Important Ureka timeline events

Mark Your Calendar! 

Application opens:  Sat, October 10th

Welcome Dinner: Wed, November 4

Receive $100 funding: End of November

Register for ENT260: Registration 

Final presentation: Fri, March 12th

What is the Ureka Challenge? 

The Ureka Challenge is an annual Clark University event, sponsored by the School of Management, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, that helps you grow and develop your business or social cause, no matter how small! A committee of Clark faculty and staff will review your application and if accepted, will invest $100 into your business or venture! You can spend the investment any way you want to grow or develop your business or venture!

There is no catch! 

Ok, there is one catch! The business or venture must already be functioning in some capacity to be accepted to the Challenge, in other words, it can't be just an idea.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Submit your application explaining your business or venture, with a short write-up on how you plan to use $100 investment by October 28th. The committee will review applications,  and inform the accepted participants on October 30th. 

  • Attend the Welcome Gathering on November 4, 2020. Complete paperwork.

  • Register for ENT260 Student Run Ventures during the Intersession - January 4 to February 12, 2021. The course is free to current full-time students and you will earn .5 credits. 

  • Work with a mentor of your choosing and access campus resources.

  • Present your investment outcome, and other related growth, to the judging panel on March 12, 2021, for a chance to be awarded additional funding up to $5000!!

Good Luck!!

Important note: Each participant that is accepted in the Ureka Challenge must take ENT 260 (.5) during the intermission session (Jan. 4 - Feb. 12th)
This course is free to current full-time Clark students

Ureka Challenge 2020 Photo Gallery


A new Ureka Format!

Although the Ureka Challenge has always supported Clark entrepreneurs, the Ureka Challenge 2019 brought about some real changes! To start, the Challenge changed its name from the Ureka Competition to the Ureka Challenge! Small word change, but huge process change! In a sense, we in E&I believe that a strong economy comes from working together instead of being in the traditional competition of winners and losers. However, we strongly believe that challenging ourselves and others to be better and be successful is more productive.


Another change is funding! With the 2019 Challenge, the Ureka Committee decided to show our belief and excitement for small businesses and social ventures by investing $100 of seed money into every business and venture accepted! We believe this shows we upped our commitment to the Clark entrepreneur and want to be a silent partner!


Lastly, with two years of larger than expected award funding, the Committee set up final award judging to encourage the representative distribution of awards to all participants which show a significant commitment to the process, and to their business or venture.  Some of the standout businesses or ventures could receive up to $5000 in judge funding, but there is still funding of small amounts available to everyone. 


Whether a business or a social venture, your active work in developing and growing your vision, contributes to our community's economic growth and development, and the betterment of lives!  Therefore, we encourage you to apply for the Ureka Challenge 2020 and make a difference!!

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