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What is Clark Tank?

  The Clark Tank is Clark's premier entrepreneurship funding challenge events.

Clark Tank offers four unique funding events throughout the school year – Venture Development, Marketing Pitch, Business, and Business Pitch. Supporting these different challenges is a robust speaker series with alumni entrepreneurs, successful business developers, and a past winners’ panel.

What is the Clark Tank Venture Development?

The Clark Tank Venture Development portion is the traditional event, which runs this fall into early spring and provides initial seed funding to students with plans to start a small business or social venture. The students work with mentors, alumni, and faculty to develop their business ideas, as well as participate in a credit course to develop their ideas. At the end of the months-long event, the top ventures will present to a panel of judges in hopes of additional funding.

What is the Marketing Pitch Competition?

The Clark Tank Marketing Pitch Competition was a new addition for Clark Tank added in 2023. Through the generous donation and guidance of Debra Harrsch ’80, the committee implemented the marketing pitch competition as a yearly Clark Tank event. Students will pitch their marketing plan to a panel of alumni judges to win the top $1000 prize.

What is the Business Pitch Contest?

This Clark Tank challenge is designed to help you take your idea into the world of angel investors and venture capitalists. All participants will be provided with tools and resources to help develop their pitch. Additionally, this challenge will help you explore your market, understand your customers and competitors, and develop a top-notch funding pitch.

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