Watch the Ureka Challenge Finals 

March 26th, 2021 

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Ureka 2021 Prizes

Ureka rename $500

Crowdfunding awards – 1st $1,500, 2nd $1000, 3rd $500

Committee favorites - $500 x 2 = $1000

Judging awards – Remaining funding $16000

A special thank you to Samantha Goodman '11 and Swing Issues Media for providing additional funding and venture growth assistance for the Ureka Challenge 2021. 
Read more about our generous donor here!
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Ureka Challenge 2021 Participants


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    Magpies Collect

    Martina Villanueva '23

     Magpies Collect aims to bring happiness to all, in the form of stylish and affordable fashion accessories

  • Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 11.49.03.png

    No Worries Skincare

    Julia Dantzler '24

    An affordable way to treat your skin and the environment with the respect they deserve

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    Empower Yoga Project

    Melanie Adams '22

    Inclusive and trauma-conscious movement education that cultivates healing, embodiment, and resilience

  • Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 17.44.56.png

    Dough Is Me

    Madeline Steigman '24

    Homemade high-quality baked goods to homesick college students at an affordable price

  • Worcester Free Fridge

    Lucy Barrett '21

    Community fridges providing channels for fresh, healthy food to our marginalized citizens

  • Solace Handicrafts

    M.  Masitha '21 & M. Masood  '21

    Providing authentic art primarily from women in economically-challenged areas

  • Economically Girly

    Da'Vyana Williams '24

    Providing gorgeous press-on nails no matter the occasion or for those on a budget

  • Generation Ze

    Jackie Ricketts-Hagan '23

    A platform for Generation Z and those who wish to understand them -  blogs and podcasts

  • Tsara&Soa Madagascar Vanilla Beans

    Tsanta Rakotoarisoa '21 & W.  Xue '22

     Provides vanilla from Madagascar that supports sustainable development and climate resilience

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  • Penny Wise PPE Protection LLC

    Ethan Lutz '21

    Penny Wise produces a germicidal copper-lined bag that prevents cross-contamination buildup of PPE. 

  • Radical in Progress

    Gari De Ramos '21

    Radical in Progress is a social

    enterprise serving as a one-stop-shop for social justice education

  • GoRamen

    Justin Zay '24

     Providing quick and affordable after-hours food options for hungry Clark students

  • What We Leave

    Jens Peterson '24

    A book on environmental issues, their causes, and solutions to be effective caretakers of this planet

  • Self-Care with Vi

    Victoria Pastor '24

    Selfcare with Vi produces and sells a natural eyelash serum and self-care boxes

  • Charied Away

    Charisma Nguyen-Lai '22

    Artwork and design produced in the form of high quality stickers and greeting cards


Meet The Judges







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Laurie Cormier

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Crysta Spitzfaden '19

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Jillian skulsky '21, '22

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miller '88

Nathalya castro argueta '18,'19

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Trevor tarnowski '20,'21

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Mariano '08

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harrsch '80

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tibrewal '05

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Applications are due October 1, 2020.


Immediately get $100 in seed money.


Present investment outcome.


Win up to



UREKA 2021

If you have a business or social cause, no matter how small, already going, we want to invest in the student entrepreneurs to help grow their venture. Students submit applications with short write-ups, including current links to their ventures' online presence, along with a short overview of how they plan to use the seed money to build upon their current venture. The committee of faculty and staff will then review the submitted applications for approval.


Although the Ureka Challenge has always supported Clark entrepreneurs, the Ureka Challenge 2019 brought about some real changes! To start, the Challenge changed its name from the Ureka Competition to the Ureka Challenge! Small word change, but huge process change! In a sense, we in E&I believe that a strong economy comes from working together instead of being in the traditional competition of winners and losers. However, we strongly believe that challenging ourselves and others to be better and be successful is more productive.


Another change is funding! With the 2019 Challenge, the Ureka Committee decided to show our belief and excitement for small businesses and social ventures by investing $100 of seed money into every business and venture accepted! We believe this shows we upped our commitment to the Clark entrepreneur and want to be a silent partner!


Lastly, with two years of larger than expected award funding, the Committee set up final award judging to encourage the representative distribution of awards to all participants which show a significant commitment to the process, and to their business or venture.  Some of the standout businesses or ventures could receive up to $5000 in judge funding, but there is still funding of small amounts available to everyone. 


Whether a business or a social venture, your active work in developing and growing your vision, contributes to our community's economic growth and development, and the betterment of lives!  Therefore, we encourage you to apply for the Ureka Challenge 2020 and make a difference!!



General application for the 2020 Ureka Challenge opens

OCT 17

General application for the 2020 Ureka Challenge closes

OCT 23

Dinner between fellow challenge participants and the committee


Approximate seed money disbursement period



Crowdfunding Campaign

MAR 17

Red Square Ureka Sales Event Pop-Up

(1:30 pm - 3:30pm)



In-person, Final Presentation Practice

MAR 26

Final Presentation

Starting At 10am

Finals timeline will be uploaded here as soon as finalized. Check back!


See additional previous years winners