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Season 1


Alec Tarnowski '23 Screen Studies major and E&I minor

Image by Jonathan Farber
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E&I for You & I is our own student-run podcast. The topics covered on the show are dedicated to educating and entertaining anyone who happens to be within the field, or merely interested in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Alec covers valuable information through personal commentary and enriching guests. A new episode drops every Saturday at 3pm on Spotify during the school year.

Spring 2022 episodes - Season 1

Episode 1 

Housewarming and getting started with Entrepreneurship

March 24, 2022

Episode 2 

Heading to Bootcamp with Shane Scott - An Entrepreneurship Success Story

March 26, 2022

Episode 3 

The Clark Collective - How Sonny Siemenski Helped Create a Plaform for Student Entrepreneurs

April 2, 2022

Episode 4 

Art in the Entrepreneurial Space - Wynne Dromey Shares Her Success Story

April 9, 2022

Episode 5 

Keeping Up With Clark and Current Events - An Entrepreneurship Recap

April 17, 2022

Episode 6 
Entrepreneurship at Clark and Beyond: How Alex Turgeon took that Spark and Carried it into a Career
April 23, 2022


Episode 7 

All About clothes with Henry Reyes, Clark Thrift Store and More

April 30, 2022

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