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Dylan's Fried Oreros:

October 14th Woo Fridge,

October 21st Boys and Girls Club of Worcester

Mac and Goods

October 7th 5-8PM: Materia Machina

October 28th 11-7PM: That's Entertainment

Foodie Fiesta

Saturday, October 21st UNIVERSITY PARK 965 Main St, Worcester MA, 01610, 9:00AM- 12:00PM  

Saturday, October 28th UNIVERSITY PARK 965 Main St, Worcester MA, 01610, 9:00AM- 12:00PM 

Saturday, November 4th C.C. Lowell Art Supply 455 Pleasant St, Worcester MA, 01609 11:00AM-3:00PM 


Campus Events:

- Sept. 13 1:30-3:30 Red Square Pop Up

- Oct. 5 12:00-1:15 Clark Tank Winner's Panel Luncheon

- Oct. 18 1:30-3:30 Red Square Pop Up

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Food Combi

The E&I "Vehicle" to Community Engagement

The combi is designed to allow students to have transformational experiences. It requires that students start their own business, face the risks and uncertainty of entrepreneurship, and to develop partnerships within our community.  Students develop their soft skills by working to develop community partnerships and for many it is a transformational experience, allowing them to apply their academic coursework to practice.

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