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E&I for You & I Podcast


E&I for You & I is our own student-run podcast. The topics covered on the show are dedicated to educating and entertaining anyone who happens to be within the field, or merely interested in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Alec covers valuable information through personal commentary and enriching guests. A new episode drops every Saturday at 3pm on Spotify during the school year.

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Alec Tarnowski '23 Screen Studies major and E&I minor

  Season 2 Episodes  

Episode 12  

The Backbone of the Digital Age - App Design with Alex Turgeon

December 4, 2022


Episode 11  

The Artist Entrepreneur - Catching Up With Wynne Dromey

November 26, 2022


Episode 10  

Networking with Emilee Cocuzzo - How to Establish Your Support System

November 19, 2022


Episode 9  

Busy But Engaged - How Brad McNamara Deals With Burnout

November 5, 2022

Episode 8  

Leading In Life - Lawrence Norman Discusses His Career Around the World

October 29, 2022


Episode 7  

Balancing the 'Meal With the Real' - Strategizing with Crysta Spitzfaden

October 22, 2022

Episode 6  

Women in Entrepreneurship - Reflecting on Past Experiences With Amy Mosher Berry

October 22, 2022

Episode 5  

When Is It Time To Scrap a Business? - Learning with Trevor Tarnowski

October 8, 2022

Episode 4  

Ground Zero - Ryan Van Zee Guides You Through The First Week of Your New Business

October 1, 2022

Episode 3  

Building Your Brand and Navigating Social Media - How Tim Hally's Working to Help Others 

September 24, 2022

Episode 2 

Managing Risks and Finding Your 'IT' With Johnny Bui

September 17, 2022

Episode 1 

To Entrepreneur or not to Entrepreneur: How to know if its right for you

September 10, 2022

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