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E&I for You & I is our own student-run podcast. We are here to help educate college age entrepreneurs in all aspects of their businesses.

This season we are focusing on how to use technology to improve your small business. 

A new episode drops every Tuesday at 3pm on Spotify.

Check out our twitter @ClarkInnovation and leave your thoughts about the latest episode!

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Fall 2023  Tentative 
Season 4 Line Up


September 12- Influencer Marketing,
Noah Katz
September 19- Finance, Garry Detweiler
September 26- Small Business/Tech Grants, Debbie Mallinson
Oct 3, Web Design, Kyle Josephs
Oct 10, David Sullivan
October 17- TBD
October 24- Cyber Security
October 31- Artificial Intelligence, Guy Pistone
November 7- Artificial Intelligence, Guy Pistone
November 14- Apps and Super Apps, John Karas
November 28- Intel Property, Tom Harold
Dec 5 - Season Finale, Zoe and Manny
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Thank you, Alec!

Thank you, Alec, for three interesting, entertaining, and informative seasons. Congratulations on graduating and we look forward to exciting things from you! - E&I Program Staff

       Meet our
audio technician

Manny Torto

  Season 4 Episodes  

Episode 2 

Influence your business- A conversation with Noah Katz

Setember 12, 2023

Episode 1 

Welcome to Season 4!

September 2, 2023

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