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E&I for You & I Podcast


E&I for You & I is our own student-run podcast. The topics covered on the show are dedicated to educating and entertaining anyone who happens to be within the field, or merely interested in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Alec covers valuable information through personal commentary and enriching guests. A new episode drops every Saturday at 3pm on Spotify during the school year.

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 Podcast Host

Lily Deslaurier '26

Marketing Major and Ent. Minor

Image by Jonathan Farber

Spring 2023  Tentative 
Season 3 Line Up
Topic: Alumni Entrepreneurs that Started at Clark - Where are They Now?

March 25' Max Schweitzer, Schweitzer Studios

April 1 Lara Jordan, Squid Ink

April 8', John D’Eufemia, Dylan Harloff and Mikey Schiappa

April 15' Rhya Sinnappen, Rhya’s Crochet Village

April 22' Rachel Winkler, Winkla Works

April 29' The three finalist for the new 23-24 host

May 6' New host introduction and Alec's farewell


Thank you, Alec!

Thank you, Alec, for three interesting, entertaining, and informative seasons. Congratulations on graduating and we look forward to exciting things from you! - E&I Program Staff

  Season 3 Episodes  

Episode 10  

Meet The Candidate -  Alec's Final Episode

April 30, 2023

Episode 8  

ScreenPrinting's a Living-  Lara Jordan and Squid Ink

April 8, 2023

Episode 4  

Life Is What You Handmake of It - Haley McCury and Her Journey

Febraury 18, 2023

Episode 9  

Making Weird Art With Rachel Winkler

April 22, 2023

Episode 7  

Commission, Commission,Commission

-Max Schweitzer

March 25, 2023

Episode 3  

License to Smoke - Victoria Mariano Discusses Her Journey With Electric Haze

Febraury 11, 2023

Episode 6  

Turning passion into Profit-The future of Magpie's Collect-With Martina Villanueva

March 18, 2023

Episode 2 

From Town to Table to Podcast with Jack Levine

January 28, 2023

Episode 5  

Speaking up and speaking out through Entrepreneurship- With Gari De Ramos

Febraury 28, 2023

Episode 1 

Capturing the Essence of Entrepreneurship With Philip Tran

January 21, 2023

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