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Win Funding for Your Venture!

Logo Design Winner 
Molly Nguyen '26

The Clark Tank Venture Development portion is the traditional event, which runs this fall into early spring and provides initial seed funding to students with plans to start a small business or social venture. The students work with mentors, alumni, and faculty to develop their business ideas, as well as participate in a credit course to develop their ideas. At the end of the months-long event, the top ventures will present to a panel of judges in hopes of additional funding.

What is Clark Tank?

Final Pitches - April 5th 

9:00am - 4:00pm

Tilton Hall

Stream Link: Coming Soon

Logo Design Winner 
Molly Nguyen '26


Owen Chase '26
Just for Fun Farms - Just For Fun Farms is your premier farm-to-table source for hyper-local, nutrient-packed microgreens. Within hours of being harvested, we deliver flavorful microgreens to farmers markets, restaurants, and our beloved CSA subscribers. Join us in embracing a healthier, more sustainable way of eating!

Mentor - Jack Levine - Founder and CEO of Town to Table 

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Forest Ryvicker '26
HighDef Hognose (HDH) - HighDef Hognose is a company
founded on the belief that the animal's safety and
health come first. Hailing from the best breeding stock,
reptiles sold through HighDef Hognose are all captive-bred.
Focused on breeding the Western Hognose Snake
Heterodon Nasicus), an endangered species in the wild
and overbred in the hobby, HighDef Hognose breeds
high-quality, genetically diverse, and healthy animals to
keep the species flourishing and viable.

Mentor - Timothy Hally, founder of media marketing company MUNQ

IMG_4713 - Forest Ryvicker.jpeg
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Natalie Hoang '25
Hoang Media - I founded NHoang.jpeg, not just a media service, but a commitment to rewriting narratives. Why am I the person for this? Because I've lived it. I know the value of every captured moment and the impact it can have on someone's story. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I bring diversity. I'm not just providing affordable and high-quality photography and videography services, I'm creating a space for everyone to share their unique stories.

Mentor - Lawrence Norman - Former Vice President of Adidas and Rebook, Clark Professor for Marketing to You

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Alyssa Martinez '26
Stamp and Petal - Hi my name I Alyssa Martinez, the artist behind Stamp and Petal. I specialize in bringing a modern vintage style to hand-carved lino prints. I have always had a deep passion for lots of different types of art but printmaking has resonated with me the most! My mission to offer affordable prints that express each person's unique personality through art. Each print is hand carved and printed with a labor of love, reflecting my deep-rooted passion for creativity.

Mentor - Martina Villanueva (Magpies Collect)

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Manny Torto '27
Manny's Mobile Recording Studio - Manny’s Mobile Recording Studio is a service that provides individuals with access to recording equipment & a trained engineer.

Mentor - John Freyermuth - Audio Engineering

Manny Torto Headshot - E&I Program.jpeg
Manny's Mobile Recording Studio Logo - E&I Program.jpeg
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Yajaira Bonilla '26
Milk & Honey - Milk & Honey is a organization that provides resources for prospective and current college students to lower cost of college tuition.

Mentor - Tara Ostromecky of Makin' it Marketing

IMG_7613 - Yaja.jpeg
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Kai Cecil '27
Olympus Solutions - Clothing for a cause. Olympus raises money for Alzheimer's and Dementia research and care giving through its fashionable clothing.

Mentor - Ché Anderson - Assistant Vice Chancellor for City & Community Relations at University of Massachusetts Medical School

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Benicio Root '27
Home In 1 - Homes In 1 is the all in one consumer use tool for searching for homes/ apartments/ condos etc. all across the internet. What sets Homes In 1 apart from other sites like, Zillow, or Homesnap is the fact that it filters from all of those websites plus more like MLS systems, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and other local real estate sites. Alongside that Homes In 1 is developing a more specific keyword and key search function than anything on the web currently. Homes In 1 is meant for any home buyer looking for their dream house.

Mentor - Kyle Joseph- Multifamily Real Estate Agent/ Dabcrate President 

IMG_0018 - Benicio Root.jpeg
IMG_1517 - Benicio Root.webp
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Sophie Lee '26
Sophpremacy - Handmade stainless steel jewelry inspired by alternative subculture (goth, punk, emo, etc.)

Mentor - Martina Villanueva of Magpies Collect

Screen Shot 2024-01-27 at 3.21.00 PM - sophie lee.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-27 at 3.24.54 PM - sophie lee.png
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Hodaya Zhang '27
Little Sky Trinkets - Little Sky Trinkets offers a variety of handmade, bespoke jewellery and accessories. From earrings to phone charms, we offer you the chance to express your own unique style. Sky's the limit!

Mentor - Claire Grant of Dragon Ink, Community Impact Award Winner Clark Tank '23

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-30 at 12.56.50 - Hodaya.jpeg
20240212_130150 - Hodaya Z.jpg
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Andrew Botchway '26
Botchway Clothing - My brand is meant to inspire others to be themselves, and follow their own path, as the logo itself hints at,
with its imagery of a road. I create clothing garments for people
to wear to express themselves, and show their own individuality.

Mentor - Sean Christy, Assistant Project Manager 

IMG_2550 - Andrew Botchway.heic
botchwaylogo itself 11-15-23 2 2 - Andrew Botchway.png
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Neel Kumar '26
Masala King - Music production brand to help artists create hit songs and bridge a gap between South Asian artists around the globe.

Mentor - Bess Holland-Agnitti, SEO, Account Director, Customer Success Manager

1C47FC76-8A21-465C-912D-E79CC36CC7DE - Neel Kumar.jpeg
12796546-008A-43F7-9981-CB804EDE0F37 - Neel Kumar.jpeg
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Jay Zhou '26
Jay's Detailing and Cleaning - My venture is a car
detailing company that help customers clean out
their dirty cars from the interior to the exterior.

Mentor - Paul Case, PhD Candidate

1695411535157 (1) - jay zhou.jpeg
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Ana Gonan '26
Jewels for Pixies - My business is selling both jewelry and hair accessories. For my hair accessories, I work on making them for those who have short hair. My business caters to customers with short hair that want to wear accessories, such as hair clips and bows typically meant solely for those with long hair. My jewelry is also like an additional accessory that I make for my customers to wear.

Mentor - Xio Alvarado, Lead Youth Ally at Worcester State University

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Will Brothers '26
No Hour Vintage - Clothing Brand

Mentor - Andy Acevedo, Owner of TKF, Branding and Photography

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Debra Harrsch '80
Chief Executive Officer of Brandwidth Solutions


Max Feber
Shark Tank contestant Season 10, Episode 9, $50,000 deal from Mark Cuban


Briana Azier '05
Chief Executive Office and owner of Bri's
Sweet Treats, #1 Choc
olatier/Candy Shop
Central Mass 2023
Worcester Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year
2023, Worceste
r Business Journal 2023,
Best New Business,
Best of Central Mass 2022 and 2023

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 12.21.03 PM.png

Maddy Steigman ’24, Clark Entrepreneurship Club president and award presenter, owner of Dough is Me and Clark Tank ’21 participant.


Max Schweitzer '22, '23
Owner of Schweitzer Studios and Clark Tank Venture Development and Marketing Pitch winner 2023



The Clark Tank Venture Development portion is the traditional event, which runs this fall into early spring, and provides initial seed funding to students with small businesses and social ventures. The students work with mentors, alumni, and faculty to develop their businesses, as well as participate in a credit course to develop their business. At the end of the months-long event, the top ventures will present to a panel of judges in hopes of additional funding.

For International Students

F-1 and J-1 visa holders must obtain work authorization in advance of engaging in any employment related activities in the United States. Employment, including self-employment, without proper authorization is a serious violation of lawful immigration status. Working without authorization could lead to the termination of nonimmigrant status in the United States. If you have questions regarding employment authorization, please consult the International Students and Scholars Office:

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