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Do's and Don'ts of Clark Tank: From the Perspective of 2024 Winner Owen Chase

By Emily Levesque

From seed to sprout, Owen Chase has taken the Clark University Entrepreneurship Program by storm with the success of his small business, Just For Fun Farms. Chase promotes his microgreen business promising "From sweet to spicy, our microgreens will cover your nutritional needs."

Chase entered the 2024 Clark Tank Venture Development Competition in the hopes of impressing the judges and winning money to further his business and passion. He proved a worthy opponent entering the semifinals and later, the WooTank Intercollegiate Showdown. Alongside fellow participant Sophie Lee of Sophpremacy, Chase was awarded $3,000 at WooTank. Following this, Chase impressed the Clark Tank judges with his business, knowledge, and goals for the future. He became a Clark Tank 2024 winner, having been awarded $3,000 to further his venture. So how did he do it? Owen Chase has advice for future contestants, both what to do and what not to do.

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  1. Know Your Business - One of Chase's best pieces of advice is to be comfortable and confident in yourself, your brand, and your business. He stresses the importance of this, advising future participants to "know your business inside and out". The judges are looking for someone who not only knows their business, but also exemplifies their business. It's about presenting a complete package. "If you're only presenting your pitch deck and not really showing your business personality, that's a no no," Chase warns. It's important to exude confidence and knowledge of yourself and your industry, as that's what the judges are looking to see. Chase himself is a prime example of an individual exemplifying his brand, saying "I'm incredibly confident in my business and my public speaking skills".

  2. Be Prepared - Chase emphasizes the importance of being prepared and being comfortable in front of an audience . He urges future Clark Tank participants to "be ready for questions", as it will reflect poorly on you and your brand if you aren't prepared and freeze.

  3. Keep in Touch - It's important to keep in touch with Professors, Teresa Quinn who organizes Clark Tank, TA's and your mentor. Chase stresses the importance of mentorship, explaining that "You should have regular meetings with your mentor". He describes weekly meetings with his mentor which helped them keep in touch and ultimately succeed. He recommends meeting at least twice a month, if not more.

  4. Find a Mentor in Your Industry - Chase encourages future contestants to reach out early on to find your mentor. Doing so can only help you, rather than waiting for the last minute to find someone. He talks about how "the more you talk to other people in the industry, the more you're going to be able to get a bit of both", referring to knowing your industry as well as the business world. As for how to find a mentor, Chase recommends reaching out to Clark alumni as well as Teresa Quinn, who helped him find his, Jack Levine, Founder and CEO of Town to Table.

  5. Take Breaks - There will be an increase in the amount of work per week you need to do for your business as Clark Tank progresses. "Take mindful breaks" Chase describes how he "loves being obsessed over" his business, as it is his passion. However, putting all of your time and energy into one thing the way Chase does doesn't work for everyone. Chase explains his preference, "I like to keep busy". For others, however, this could quickly lead to burnout, which is why it is important to know your limits.

  6. Remember Your Support System - It isn't uncommon for contestants to feel stress and pressure going into Clark Tank. Chase urges contestants to focus on the good, saying how "the best way to avoid that is to know that everyone is here to support you". You have your mentor, professors, other Clarkies, and judges all rooting for you. As for the judges, "they are here specifically for you because they want to give you money". While it is true you are in a competition, even other participants only wish you the best. Knowing this helped Chase ease his anxiety going into semifinals. He emphasizes the fact that "everyone is deserving," no matter what their business is and goals are.


  1. Don't Procrastinate - "Don't wait till the last minute because there's too much to do". While it may look like there isn't much to do to prepare for Clark Tank, Chase discovered that there is way more going into it than just preparing a pitch. He recommends scheduling time to work on your business every week to help prepare.

  2. Don't Memorize a Script - The pitch is one of the key aspects of Clark Tank, but too many students overanalyze their pitch, trying to memorize and perfect it. Chase passes on advice Teresa Quinn gave him, saying "Don't get in your head and don't try to memorize the pitch....If you try to make it perfect...when you get up in front of the judges, you're going to freeze." Chase puts emphasis on the importance of knowing your main points. The judges will know if your pitch is memorized rather than from your heart.

  3. Don't Get Caught in a Loop - Chase describes wanting to finish his website but getting caught up in other activities and obligations. This made it harder for him to get things done, especially at the beginning of Clark Tank. "You could definitely get caught in that loop. It's just dangerous." Chase warns. If you don't get anything done one day, the guilt from that doesn't go away, which can drag you down throughout the competition. When asked how he avoided this, he emphasizes the name of his brand. "Try to keep it fun...Just For Fun Farms," which is a reminder and reflection of why he does what he does. Chase describes that "I'm building my business so I can feed more people," a goal that keeps him grounded.

A message from the author: Emily Levesque

Throughout his experience, Chase has gained friends, connections, and knowledge he never would've if it weren't for Clark Tank. He shouts out his mentor, Jack Levine, Founder and CEO of Town to Table for being a pivotal part of his support system, who has become a lasting connection beyond Clark Tank. Overall, Owen Chase learned so much about himself and his business during Clark Tank, a valuable experience he would recommend to any student small business.

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